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AL Playoffs

Boston                  vs            Minnesota

Boston takes this series easily, Minnesotans go home and



White Sox             vs            Texas

Homer call! White Sox take this in a nail biter


AL Championship

Boston                   vs            White Sox

Can’t be this much of a homer, gotta be realistic too,  I pick Boston, ESPN pundits rejoice


NL Playoffs

Philadelphia        vs.           Cincinnati

Philly dominates while Dusty Baker chews through one thousand toothpicks


San Francisco     vs.           Atlanta

Atlanta comes alive a barely squeaks by the defending champs


NL Championship

Philadelphia        vs.           Atlanta

Philly takes it, which leads to two of my least favorite teams matching up in the world series


World Series

Philadelphia        vs.           Boston

Boston wins, series is great for your bandwagon MLB enthusiasts, I will be off hopefully watching the Bears season

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NL Predictions!

(P.S. my strong suit is AL teams as you’ll notice with my comments below)

National League

National League East

Team                                       W            L

x-Philadelphia                         102         60

Best collection of starting pitchers of all-time? Let them take the field first but on paper it should compete with the Braves teams of old.  Their offense is overrated but still in the NL they should dominate.

y-Atlanta                                 95           73

Your team of the future bullpen has a lot to prove and so does the starters. Tommy Hanson should take the next step.

Florida                                     81           81

This team does just enough to be .500 congrats to that

Mets                                        79           83

Blow this team up and try again.  Seriously, they have talented chronically injured players.  You can’t win a division from a hospital bed.

Washington                             79           83

Stephen ’Mark Prior’ Strasburg, oh how we barely knew thee.  This team has talent, has prospects but the owners want to win now and they make impatient moves like signing an overrated Jayson Werth.  Reminds me of the Cubs signing Alfonso Soriano and I don’t see the Nationals fairing much better.


National League Central

Team                                       W            L

x-Cincinnati                            88           74

I still believe.  Injuries to their pitching staff aside they still have the most complete team in the central.  Dusty Baker is the only thing getting in their way. 

Milwaukee                              81           81

I want you to win the division, I really do.  I like your team, you’re right next to Chicago, I like to visit your fine town.  But how can you trust this team?  Luck doesn’t seem to be on their side.  Call it nothing more than a gut feeling but I think Grienke will be dealing with his broken ribs all year.  Remember Jacoby Ellsbury from last year?  If he was a first baseman I’d say he’d be fine but someone who uses their whole body to throw the ball 90-100 times a game won’t be able to hang through the whole season.

Cubs                                        79           83

I’d like to say I’m happy at their demise but I’m not.  They have new owner’s that don’t know what they are doing.  A GM that should have been fired long ago and aging talent with bloated unmovable contracts.  They are hogtied by these bloated contracts and they desperately need to start the process of rebuilding their farm system.  It’s going to be a rough ride but they do finally have a manager who cares at least.

St Louis                                   79           83

I think this team could hit it’s was to the top of the weak central but the shaky bullpen and loss of Wainwright puts them in third for me.

Pittsburgh                                76           86

I really like the direction this offense is headed.  Their bullpen of Joel Hanrahan and Evan Meek is a nice 1-2 punch if they continue to develop.  This team could be the next Cincinnati next year if they find some starting pitching.

Houston                                  75           87

This team turned it around in the second half but they still have a long way to go before they become a contender again.



National League West

Team                                       W            L

x-San Francisco                       91           71

You look at their lineup and you wonder how the hell did they just win a World Series.  Just shows how getting hot at the right time can lead you all the way to the series.  Have a top flight rotation and bullpen doesn’t hurt either.  This team should have too much of a letdown playing in the NL West but they will need to keep watch for the Rockies nipping at their heels.

Colorado                                 90           72

They have the power, they have the pitching. Will Huston Street stay healthy through a whole season? Even if he doesn’t which I doubt he will, they should still be challenging the Giants throughout the season.

Dodgers                                  87           75

Meh, this team is about as exciting to me as watching cricket.  Their infield looks like a ragged bunch of has-beens and never will-be’s.  Matt Kemp and Either should be a force and their 5 man rotation is solid.  Look for Lilly have a huge year.

San Diego                               69           93

They have the pitching and they have a park that allows them to win games with that pitching.  Most of their wins will be a score of 2-1 because they have no run support whatsoever.  That and I don’t see them winning a road game the whole year.

Arizona                                   67           95

They have a nice park, it’s a good thing they put a pool in there because that’s the only reason to go.  Or maybe to get the fried macaroni squares at the TGIFriday’s. Seriously though Daniel Hudson should develop and Chris Young will show again who the best player on that team is.  Justin Upton is all show and no go and J.J. Putz stayed healthy enough to get paid and fall into obscurity again.

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AL Predictions!

American League

American League East

Team                                       W            L

x-Boston                                 97           65    

What can I say, their offseason moves make this team hard to beat as long as it’s healthy. I do not look forward to a whole season of ESPN continually Red Sox coverage.                           

N.Y. Yankees                         90           72    

I also don’t look forward to the talk of why the Yankees are underperforming.  Their 4th and 5th starters will be their Achilles heel this year, unless they get someone in trade they’ll be on the outside looking into the playoffs.

Tampa Bay                              81           81    

Their bullpen is dismantled and you lose two key components to your offense and people are still predicting them to finish at the top of the AL, they are wrong.

Baltimore                                79           83    

This is a step in the right direction year for the O’s they need to shore up their Pitching and they can compete in a year or two.

Toronto                                   78           84    

This team hasn’t made any improvements that will make any impact, Toronto fans continue to not realize they have a baseball team.


American League Central

Team                                       W            L

x-White Sox                            94           68    

I’m a homer, sure, but hear me out.  The Sox made significant offseason moves, have bullpen depth and have a reliable 1-4 starting rotation.  Peavy will not be as necessary to their success as everyone thinks he’ll be.  Also helps they have an easy end of the year schedule to help them push to the top of the central.

y-Minnesota                            93           68    

I have a respectful hate for them much like I had for Favre when he was with Green Bay before he was dropping his pants for any hottie not named his wife.  This team always produces talent they have a collection of talent that will keep them in the mix all year.

Detroit                                     91           71    

This team continuously underperforms and why would this year be any different because they brought in Victor Martinez.  They are hanging on to an old offense and that will get them their usual 3rd place finish in the central.

Kansas City                             70           92

Another team like the O’s that are moving in the right direction but are a few more years removed from being relevant.  This team has a lot of young talent that if matured properly could eventually take over the aging Central

Cleveland                                60           102

What an abysmal team.  I feel terrible for sports fans in Cleveland as a whole.  Pity is what I give them.  Things I’d rather watch then watching a full Indians season: Paint drying, Seasons of Golden Girls, Hanging with Mr. Cooper and my nails slowly being ripped out.


American League West

Team                                       W            L

x-Texas                                    89           73

The weakest division in the American league might be the most competitive.  Texas should still come out on top with their loaded lineup, bullpen and still have a lot of pitching that people don’t know about.

Oakland                                  88           74

This was a tossup and the A’s could win their division depending on health but they still have too many question marks that make them slip to two.  I think Gio Gonzalez can be a real overachiever this year.

Angels                                     87           75

Honestly any of the top three teams could win this division.  It should be called the race to 90 wins, because if you get there you’ll probably win the division.  The reason I have the Angels finishing third though is because they can’t stay healthy for a full year.  Torii Hunter, Bobby Abreu and Vernon Wells only excite fans who haven’t been watching baseball the past 5 years.

Seattle                                     70           92

 Yes I said any of the top three teams could win the division.  Seattle has about as good a chance of winning the division as I have of dating Scarlett Johansson. The loser in all this is Ichiro Suzuki, he is too talented to be left there rotting away, it’s disappointing if he’ll finish his career in that double A affiliate.  King Felix will be traded if not this year, next.

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Bold Predictions Sure To Go Wrong!

The Houston Texans will win the AFC South

The Bears will win their divison followed by the Packers and then the Vikings.

The Arizona Cardinals will suffer the super bowl loser let down and the San Francisco 49ers will take the NFC West

Rest of my divison winners
New England
San Diego

with Pittsburgh beating Philly in the SB

Put it on the board!

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Past Experiences...

While taking a look into the mock drafts by the CBSSports writers I noticed how differently the draft will be from last year.  Last year we were all under the belief that the fantasy tide was changing with the dual running back system becoming the norm and the Quarterback position more important than ever.  While the dual running back system has become the norm it hasn't greatly hindered the performances of the best backs while we've learned that Quarterbacks might not be the wisest choice to anchor your fantasy team to.  With that said lets look at the mock draft from June 1st 2008 and compare that to the mock draft from April 30th, 2009: June 1, 2008 mock draft
1st Round:      Team:                 Player:

1.                         Jamey Eisenberg      LaDainian Tomlinson April 30th, 2009 mock draft
1st Round:      Team:                 Player:

1.                         Jamey Eisenberg      Adrian Peterson

I guess since Jamey sets up the Mock Drafts he gets the honorary 1st pick. This pick is usually decided well before the draft and is typically the can't miss.  At least that's what we thought until last year.  LT had a down season for LT standards as he played hurt and didn't show the burst that made him the best back in the league.  He seems to be on the downside of his career and is now considered a late 1st round pick at best, but could also very well return to form and be a great value pick late in the 1st.  What is clear now is that there is no for sure "can't miss." AP is widely considered the number one pick but his upright running style and his injury history concerns me.  While if I was able to get the first pick I would without a doubt select Purple Jesus but I would make sure that I got Chester Taylor as his handcuff.  While I am not the biggest fan of "handcuffing" your stud player I think this is one of those instances where you would because Chester Taylor has proven to be more than serviceable in spelling AP and when Peterson is hurt. June 1, 2008 mock draft
1st Round:      Team:                 Player:

2.                         David Gonos               Adrian Peterson April 30th, 2009 mock draft
1st Round:      Team:                 Player:

2.                         Ross Davenport        Michael Turner

Here's where it gets tricky, after AP I'm not sure who should definitely come off the board next.  This quandary will surely remain barring injuries until right before your draft. Who should it be? Everyone has their own opinions, I personally think Michael Turner is the right choice after last season's performance and with no one to really take many carries from him.  If someone were to pick MJD, Forte or DeAngelo Williams in this position I wouldn't stare at them with disbelief.  What we do know is that a running back should be taken with no exceptions. June 1, 2008 mock draft
1st Round:      Team:                 Player:

3.                         Corey Guerrera          Stephen Jackson April 30th, 2009 mock draft
1st Round:      Team:                 Player:

3.                         Eric Kay                       Matt Forte

This pick by Corey was before the whole contract holdout and eventual new contract and then becoming a bust.  The hype during the time was that he will be playing for a new contract and he will be hungry.  Now that he is full from steak and lobster from his fat contract will he come back and be the player he once was?  I do not foresee picking up Stephen Jackson in any of my drafts unless he falls into my lap way past his projected draft locale.  I will not waste a high second round pick on a player who has no offense around him to support him.  Draft at your own peril.  Matt Forte, the golden child from the city of wind. You know once Forte and Cutler get together on the field they will not only win Super Bowl after Super Bowl, they will find a cure for cancer, help Obama put an end to the recession and even help me sell my condo without taking a loss from the bubble bursting.  That being said the Bears relied greatly on this rookie back and I don't see them doing this again.  We will see more of Kevin Jones spelling him and more throws down the field instead of the usual dump and dive that Bears fans have been used to.  With Jay Cutler at the helm Forte's attempts will go down but he will also see more holes with the opponents CB's having to play back to guard against the pass.  I can see Forte being a very solid pick but am unsure whether he will go this high when the season finally rolls around. June 1, 2008 mock draft
1st Round:      Team:                 Player:

4.                         Aaron Weisberg                   Tom Brady April 30th, 2009 mock draft
1st Round:      Team:                 Player:

4.                         Eric Kay                                Maurice Jones-Drew

Oh to get a do-over in fantasy drafts,  how were we supposed to know Tom Brady would go down for the whole season in the very first game.  He was a definite 1st round pick in all my drafts after his amazing 07-08 season.  He flipped many people's beliefs on how to draft and it all came crashing down as he limped off the field.  Now it seems all the analysts think he will just return to his old form.  Sure he won't be a first round pick anymore but he still will be drafted among the top 5 quarterbacks without a doubt.  Why are we so sure that he can return to form? I want to know the reason because I'm not so sure.  Quarterback is so deep this year that unless someone falls I will have no problem drafting the Matt Ryan's, Kyle Orton's and Jay Cutler's of the world.  That being said, MJD is a stud! I think he will definitely be one of the top backs this year.  The major question about him is whether he will be able to carry the whole load now that Fred Taylor is gone, in actuality Fred Taylor was gone all last year.  Taylor's play and role was diminished greatly throughout last year which makes me believe MJD will be one of the top backs in the league. June 1, 2008 mock draft
1st Round:      Team:                 Player:

5.                         Jeff Lippman                       Frank Gore April 30th, 2009 mock draft
1st Round:      Team:                 Player:

5.                         Michael Hurcomb               Frank Gore

Here it is, the first match! While I don't believe it is the correct pick, I would rather have DeAngelo Williams even with his time share, I can't argue against it too much.  San Francisco last year had Mike Martz and was supposed to have their offense revitalized under him.  This did not work out while Frank Gore still had a decent season.  Gore has proven he can shoulder much of the load and now that the pants dropper Mike Singletary is at the helm he will have to shoulder even more of it.  Singletary has said that he will commit more to the run this year and I will not be the one to call him a liar.  Gore should have a good season but much of the rest of the offense around him is in disarray.  Much like St. Louis and Stephen Jackson I would call him a risky pick.

More pick analysis to come with time as the season is still so unfortunately far away...

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Fallen Heros?

One Reaction to Manny Ramirez’s 50 games suspension:

"That's going to hurt them, that's for sure. It's not necessarily going to hurt his reputation, but you hate to see another star go down, especially when you've got kids asking questions. We certainly can't afford to have too many more heroes fall.'' - Cincinnati Reds manager Dusty Baker.  


When I was a child growing up in a suburb of Chicago I was a huge fan of Michael Jordan.  My father would take me to games and we would watch him on television with engrossed enthusiasm.  I even had the fortune of going to his basketball camp where he would come every day for about an hour and teach us moves, sign autographs and answer questions that we had.  My idolization of this man that I knew nothing about other than his talents stopped at his talents alone.  I tried to copy his moves and tried as hard as I could to “be like Mike” but I cannot say that I’ve copied him in his addiction to gambling, womanizing and other alleged things that he has done off the court.  I was taught to admire his talents and his talents alone. 


When we assume that someone is "nice" because they are famous we are only letting ourselves open for heartbreak.  Athletes should not be considered hero’s, we should just be amazed by their talents and hope they bring home wins for our respective teams of choice.  Parents should make sure that their children know that athletes are not heros and most if not all of the time these players do not want to be known as heros either. They want parents and teachers to be the good guiding force in children’s lives.  They do not want to be weighted down by this extra baggage and many show this by their actions off the field.


As for the comment,” It's not necessarily going to hurt his reputation.” I think losing your shot at the Hall of Fame, being accused a fraud and putting in question the validity of every stat, win and record you hold is damaging to your reputation.

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