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Posted on: April 6, 2011 1:30 pm

AL Playoffs

Boston                  vs            Minnesota

Boston takes this series easily, Minnesotans go home and



White Sox             vs            Texas

Homer call! White Sox take this in a nail biter


AL Championship

Boston                   vs            White Sox

Can’t be this much of a homer, gotta be realistic too,  I pick Boston, ESPN pundits rejoice


NL Playoffs

Philadelphia        vs.           Cincinnati

Philly dominates while Dusty Baker chews through one thousand toothpicks


San Francisco     vs.           Atlanta

Atlanta comes alive a barely squeaks by the defending champs


NL Championship

Philadelphia        vs.           Atlanta

Philly takes it, which leads to two of my least favorite teams matching up in the world series


World Series

Philadelphia        vs.           Boston

Boston wins, series is great for your bandwagon MLB enthusiasts, I will be off hopefully watching the Bears season

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